The Van Cleef team is made up of professionals with years of experience across multiple disciplines and a wide range of industries. Whether working on a large, public project, a small private one, or anything in between, we offer single-source solution from planning through final completion.


Bridge Design, Rehabilitation and Replacement

Bridge Inspection and Load Rating

Structural Evaluation and Rating

Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis and Design

Road and Highway Design

Pavement Condition Assessment

Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT)

Site Design and Plans for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Developments

Subdivision and Land Development Plans

Grading, Drainage and Utility Design

Stormwater Management/NPDES Permitting

Schools and Campuses

Landscape Architecture

Fair Share Housing Compliance

Environmental Permitting

Construction Inspection and Observation

Pre-Bid, Pre-Construction and Construction Progress Meetings

Project Documentation and Closeout

Quantity Measurement

Cost and Budget Control

Material Sampling

Contract and Construction Administration

Utility Coordination

Construction Cost Estimating

Periodic UAS Construction Site Photography and Documentation

Boundary and Topographic Surveys

Construction Stake-Out/Houseline Services

Unmanned Aerial Surveys and Photography (UAS)

3-D Laser Scanning

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Flood Elevation Certificates

As-Built Surveys

Tax Map Maintenance

Municipal Consulting

Capital Improvement Project Design

Grant Writing and Administration

Planning/Zoning Board Reviews

Economic Revitalization and Redevelopment

Parks and Recreation Design and Support

Public Bidding

Contractor Administration, Oversight and Inspection

Stormwater Management/MS4 Compliance

Community and Regional Planning

Master Plans and Re-examination Reports

Land Development Ordinances

Redevelopment Investigations and Plans

Open Space and Recreation Plans

Natural Resource Inventories

Planning and Zoning Board Consultation

Land Use studies

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Special Inspections

Dam Inspection and Design

Shallow/Deep Foundations

Soil Stability Analysis

Bridge/Wall Design

Subgrade Preparation/Slope Stabilization

Public Water Supply Facilities (Surface and Groundwater)

Water Treatment Facilities

Water Storage Tanks, Elevated and Standpipes

Water Distribution System Modeling, Planning, and Design

Wastewater Collection and Conveyance Systems

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Infiltration and Inflow Analysis and Reduction

Asset Management Plans

Water and Wastewater System Facility Operations and Management

Facility Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

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