Water Plant Piping Improvements

Mercer County, New Jersey

Van Cleef Engineering was contracted by a Mercer County Township to analyze the condition of piping within a small water plant operated by the Township. Van Cleef performed on-site inspection of the piping and utilized our LiDAR scanning equipment to develop a 3D model of the piping in the plant.

The 3D model allowed for exact measurement of fittings and clearances, which was critical due to limited space. This model was used to prepare a plan for pipe, fittings, and valve replacements as well as new piping supports. Supply side piping was replaced from well heads to storage tanks. Importantly, the work was completed with no interruptions to service to township residents.

Van Cleef also provided construction administration, contract administration and construction inspection services.


  • Water Plant Pipe Replacement
  • LiDAR Scanning used for 3D Modelling and Precise Measurements
  • Preparation of Construction Plans and Specifications
  • Bidding and Contract Administration
  • Construction Administration and Construction Inspection